Find your notebook
without searching !

Thanks to the TOPKAÏ backpack and its organizer, no more waste of time.
The student finds his school material in an instant, he is quickly available to follow his course.

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How it works ?

All you have to do is arrange all the belongings (of the subject concerned) according to the color of the main notebook/binder.

Exemple :

My main French notebook is Red

All French things must be stored behind the red marker (even if the book and the other notebooks are not red).

Organizer Only

You have the possibility of buying the organizer alone.

The Topkaï organizer is designed to fit all Topkaï backpack models.

If the user wishes to adapt it to a bag of another brand, it is up to him to check that the dimensions of the backpack correspond to those of the organizer before making his purchase.



Our Backpack

The TOPKAÏ school backpack is of French design and manufactured in Europe.

We have chosen resistant materials in order to offer you a quality and durable product.

Each backpack is sold with its organizer.







Fashion school backpack for middle and high school students

Our Kit

Suppose your child has 2 notebooks of the same color.

You have the option of purchasing a kit of 11 additional color markers. They will be a lighter or darker tone than those supplied with the original binder.


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Choosing the Topkaï schoolbag is the guarantee of saving time and being quickly independent!

Usage tips

  • Place in the organizer the color markers according to the color of your notebook / main book for each subject as you wish. It is useless to place the color marks of which your notebooks do not have the corresponding color.
  • The antracyte color marker can be used for both a gray notebook and a black notebook.
  • If you buy this binder within the year; the teenager will be able to use his schoolbag immediately independently.
  • If you buy this binder at the beginning of the school year: it will take about 3 weeks before the teenager is independent (the time to assimilate the color of his notebooks).
    During this time, you can position labels with the name of the materials on the color markers that you will remove once the color of your notebooks has been assimilated. Which will happen soon.

Did you know ?

From primary school, children are able to remember the color of the notebook corresponding to each subject. Take the test and you will see!

Similarly, organizing by color at home is an excellent method that is perfectly understandable and logical for them and which allows them to become independent.

The Topkaï school bag is recommended by professionals

In college and high school
you have other things to do than waste time looking for your book or your schoolbag.